Algonquin Garden Club Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded in memory of deceased members of the Algonquin Club.  The purpose is to provide financial assistance to individuals seeking a career in the fields of horticulture, conservation, agriculture, landscape architecture, forestry, or environmental studies.

To be considered, each applicant should:

  1. Be a resident Algonquin or Lake in the Hills (exceptions will be considered.
  2. Be accepted to or currently enrolled in a college or university.
  3. Submit a completed application postmarked by March 15th.
  4. Include two letters of recommendations (including at least one teacher or professor).
  5. Submit a transcript of grades.

Scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 will be given for one academic year.  The funds shall be applied toward tuition, fees, or books and shall be sent directly to the school designated by the recipients. In the event that a scholarship recipient does not complete the year’s study at the designated school, the money shall revert back to the Algonquin Garden Club.

Download an application here: Algonquin Garden Club Scholarship Application

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